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Deliver your invoice, reminder or order confirmation across a reliable platform.

Why should you send via the Clang Email Gateway?

Even your transactional emails can be sent via Clang with the Clang Email Gateway. This means that all order confirmations, invoices and reminders that you send by email will benefit from the advantages offered by Clang, such as excellent deliverability. You’ll also get real-time insight into your transactional email statistics. The Clang Email Gateway supports all types of email and is compatible with virtually all systems that send emails, including webshops, booking systems and CRM- & ERP systems.

Professional delivery

Many systems, such as websites or booking systems, offer the option of sending emails as an additional service. However, email deliverability and measurability aren’t given top priority by these services. As a result, the delivery of transactional emails is poor and you are left in the dark about the results of these send-outs. API links for sending these emails are not always an option or represent an expensive investment. But thanks to the Clang Email Gateway, this problem is history.

How does it work?

(Personalised) emails are generated in full by an external system, such as your website. If you automatically send emails using the SMTP protocol, we can connect the Clang Email Gateway to your portal in the blink of an eye. Your website subsequently sends these emails to the Clang Email Gateway across the SMTP protocol. The gateway imports the customer record based on the ‘to’ address in the email and adds the technology necessary to gather statistics. The email can now be sent according to the latest authentication techniques so that you can be sure that your email makes it to you customer’s inbox.


With the Clang Email Gateway, you can immediately take advantage of excellent deliverability and gain insight into statistics. In addition, the Clang Email Gateway is compatible with virtually all systems that send emails (webshops, booking systems, etc.). Here’s a list of all the advantages:


Guaranteed delivery

Automatic access to the latest authentication techniques that ensure that emails don’t end up unread in your customer’s spam folder.


Real-time insight

Get real-time insight into your transactional emails: an overview of opens, bounces and links that are clicked.

Campaign Designer


All types of emails are supported: text, HTML, with or without attachment(s).



All your mail flows organised within a single system.

Integration in less than 5 minutes!

Do you too want to use the advantages offered by Clang in order to send all your transactional emails? Just contact us, and together we’ll make sure that the Clang Email Gateway gets seamlessly integrated into your current system, with hardly any effort from your organisation.


We have all the knowledge required to ensure that integration with your systems of choice is a smooth process. Seamless connection to your current systems will be guaranteed with hardly any effort from your organisation. We’ll contact you to make sure that your organisation achieves real results within a short timeframe.


You obviously want all your sent emails to be delivered to customer inboxes. Clang and the Gateway run on the very best infrastructure, are monitored around-the-clock and are kept up-to-date with new developments. Our solutions are tailor-made so that you have guaranteed access to the best deliverability.

What is a transactional email?

A transactional email involves the basic communication between you and your customer, regardless of the system. If the basics are in order, your marketing efforts stand a greater chance of yielding results. Imagine what would happen if even your basic communication didn’t make it to your customer or ended up in his or her spam folder. With the Clang Email Gateway, you can take immediate advantage of excellent deliverability so that you build a relationship with your customer that is based on trust. And that can increase your sales. To re-emphasise the importance of this type of email, we’ve listed a few examples of transactional emails below.


Mail: Create an Account

One of the first transactional emails that a subscriber receives. This first impression is of crucial importance to a strong relationship with your customer. Make sure that this transactional email is sent via the Clang Email Gateway, so that you’re guaranteed delivery of the email to the customer’s inbox and are able to create a good first impression.


Mail: Password Reset

A password reset email gives your customer the option of resetting a password. With the current focus on online security and data protection, it is essential that these emails are sent via a trustworthy server so that they too are sure to reach your customer’s inbox. Imagine what could happen if such an email didn’t arrive (in good order)...


Mail: Order Received

Even after your customer has completed his or her purchase, you as a marketer still have numerous opportunities for strengthening your relationship with your customer and growing your brand. If the sending of this email is delayed or if the email ends up in a spam folder, your reputation among your customers could be harmed and future orders may be affected.


Mail: Account Notifications

As a marketer, you are constantly further developing your website or mobile app. And you want to be able to inform your customers about important changes to keep your website or app as user-friendly as possible. If such notifications are not received

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