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Pages by Clang

Clang presents Pages! Create responsive forms and personalised landing pages in no time with this new feature. Use the Drag & Drop function and immediately start using the Plug & Play template, which is fully responsive.

User-friendly and time-saving. All (email) marketers can use it straight away without any need for prior HTML knowledge. Do you want to create targeted forms, produce forms in your own corporate style or display variants on the basis of profile properties? It’s all possible with Pages!

Advantages of Pages

Drag & Drop function

Use the Drag & Drop function to easily click together a form for your landing page. If you use the supplied Plug & Play template, all the objects for dragging and dropping into your first landing page can be found in the library. You can then link these objects to profile properties in Clang so that information is immediately saved to the right location.

Plug & Play template

Get started immediately! The Plug & Play template has been specially developed by our Campaign Services department for the quicker and easier creation of forms for your landing pages (example). You can also request the development of a custom-made template, which will be fully tailored to suit your preferences or (corporate) style. Please contact us to discuss the options.


You can modify the styling of your Page according to preference, with every object having its own configuration option. And Pages is fully compatible with the bootstrap framework. Link your stylesheet to your form to automatically convert it to your preferred style. If you need help in linking your stylesheet, our Campaign Services department will be happy to assist.

Responsive design

Of course, when developing Pages we’ve also thought of mobile users. The Plug & Play template is responsive, meaning that mobile users can make optimum use of your form at all times (example). So, all the upfront work has already been done. Watch this webinar in which Robin van Loon explains what Pages is and how it works


Personalise it with Pages

Personalisation is an important part of email marketing. There are lots of personalisation options in the Plug & Play template. These include the creation of personalised headers for your form, or the automatic display of a certain colour on the basis of gender (blue or pink). And by using liquid content, your forms can become even more personal. You could, for example, incorporate questions into your form that are only displayed to male users. Ideal!

Interested in this? We’ll gladly give you an onsite demonstration.

Campaign Services

Pages has been designed to make life easier for email marketers. But do you want more functionality through the application of advanced scripts? Do you want to link a stylesheet that doesn’t comply with the bootstrap format? Or do you want custom-made templates developed for you? Our team of experts is ready to help you. A great example is the integration of Google Maps (desktopmobiel). Our Campaign Services department can assist you if you need functions that aren’t already in the Plug & Play template.

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