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Do you use Clang to its full potential?

Do you feel that you’re not even close to taking advantage of all that Clang has to offer? That there may be new features that you don’t yet use, or modules that offer opportunities for greater email marketing success? Or has your colleague found a new job, meaning that all Clang knowledge may be lost as a result? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As of right now, you can quickly update or expand your Clang knowledge using the Clang Training & Certification that suits you. For even greater email marketing success!


Professional Foundation

Do you feel more like a willing spectator than a black belt? Have you only recently started working with Clang, or have you somewhat neglected Clang lately? And do you think that it should all be easier, or are you failing to see the bigger picture? Then you’ll probably get up to speed faster with our Clang Training & Certification for a solid Clang foundation. Topics range from CRM construction and profile composition to the sending of quick mails or campaign structuring. Success doesn’t come automatically and you need a good foundation to achieve it. Update your knowledge and start achieving greater success with Clang!

Yes, I want greater success! Yes, I want greater success!


Back to school

Even our Clang ‘black belts’ still discover new applications every day. This field offers so many opportunities, and you can be quick in taking advantage of these opportunities with Clang. If you’ve been using Clang for some years, there are generally two possible scenarios. Either you use Clang all the time and are curious about applications that not even you have thought about yet. Or you often use Clang, but not often enough that you fully understand it, so you believe that more should be possible. We have the solution to both scenarios: back to school! Just for one day. For Clang Training & Certification that matches your level of knowledge and transports you into that different world known as Clang.

Take me back to school! Take me back to school!


Extra options with Clang

In addition to the large range of options that Clang already offers as standard, we’ve also developed extra extensions. These are for specific options such as one-to-many relations in Clang with which you can send personalised offers by email after every purchase from your webshop. Essential for smart e-commerce batches! Or the Clang Email Gateway, which also delivers your transactional emails to customer mailboxes via Clang. And even SMS messages, online barcodes and LiveImages offer great commercial opportunities. If you want to know more, please take a look at the options. We recommend Supreme Clang Training & Certification for more complicated additional applications.


Greater business opportunities

Do you want specific in-depth information about the opportunities that Clang can offer your business? Would you like advice about working methods and campaigns relevant to your setup? And do you want to optimise links with other software? A fresh outlook on your efforts is often worth its weight in gold. We’ll give you first-hand tips and you’ll get increased returns from your email marketing. Book YOUR OWN Clang Training & Certification now and spend less time constructing more relevant campaigns with a higher ROI!

Did you know?

That you’re already using the most innovative email software available in the Netherlands. There’s good reason why Clang has been named the #1 email software by Emerce 100. But are you sure that you’re familiar with everything that Clang has to offer?

Clang - Omnichannel Campaign

Omnichannel campaigns

With Clang, you can set up automatic omnichannel campaigns for personalised online communication via various channels. This ranges from webshop integration and customer tracking from email to website, to the integration of email and social media, plus a lot more!

Cross- and upselling

In Clang, it is fairly simple to set up an extensive database structure with one-on-many relations. This will allow you to record all purchases as per customer, and to finetune your next email campaign on that basis. Use the Data Model for review campaigns, cross- and upselling and extended customer lifecycles, and increase your ROI!

Testing yields better results

The Email Benchmark has shown us that most marketers do not test their emails and, as a result, squander great opportunities mainly because testing causes delays and extra effort. But not with Clang! In Clang, just define the sample size and the conditions and the highest-scoring variant will automatically be sent to the entire target group. That’s how easy optimisation can be!

Transactional emails via Clang

Invoices, reminders and order confirmations can also be sent via Clang. Link your webshop, accounting system, CRM- or ERP system to the Clang Email Gateway and take advantage of our excellent deliverability – also applicable to these types of emails. The emails will be sent according to the latest authentication techniques, meaning that they’re guaranteed to reach customer inboxes.

Keep up-to-date

Just like you, Clang is constantly innovating! To consistently take full advantage of Clang, it is therefore necessary to undergo “Clang Training & Certification” every two years. As part of a fully customised process that takes place in your own portal over just half a day, you can find out about all the new options and smart improvements that you have yet to introduce. After successful completion of “Clang Training & Certification”, your Clang certificate will be renewed for two years and you’ll have full access to the Clang support desk. As of January 2018, your level of support will depend on your certification. In the runup to 2018, it would therefore be wise to check in advance whether your Clang knowledge is up-to-date. We will, of course, contact you in good time so that you can achieve the best possible success from your email marketing!
Yes, I want greater success! Yes, I want greater success!

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