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Clang introduces: Clang Store

In the Clang Store, you can very easily purchase integrations and extensions yourself with the 'click, buy, go' principle. The app will be installed within five minutes, and you are ready to go. By integrating other systems to Clang or by adding additional functionalities to Clang, you will be able to get even more out of your email marketing. And the best thing is that you, as the brand manager of your portal, can do this entirely by yourself! Unless you have very specific requirements, for which we offer our expert support.

An overview of all apps in Clang

How does it work?

An overview of the available apps in Clang


When you open the Clang Store in your Clang portal, you will see a list with all the available apps. On the right, you see the apps you already installed.

Installing a Clang App


Do you want to install a new app and you are the brand manager of your portal? Click on the app you want and click on the Install button.

An overview of all the installed apps


Some apps need some additional information such as your account details, after which the installation begins. You are ready to go within 5 minutes.

Free 14-day trial period

Do you want to test the integration or extension first? All apps have a free 14-day trial period, after which the licence is invoiced on a monthly or annual basis. When you delete the app within 14 days, you will not be charged. When you don't delete the app, the payment period starts from the moment of installation.

Clang Store Free Trial
Clang Store Invoicing


You can decide how long you want to use the integration or extension as you can either pay per month or per year. When you choose to pay per month, you can cancel the licence per month as well. During the installation, you will also get the option to immediately add a PO number. Very convenient!

Available apps

We have already made 14 apps available to you. Needless to say that we are working hard to add all integrations and extensions to the Clang Store.

Installation of the apps can only be done when you are the brand manager of the portal. Do you have a Clang portal via one of our partners and you want to install an app? Then please contact your marketing partner.

Do you come across any problems? Let us know, so we can help!

Clang Store Apps
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