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Brand New

31 March 2017 marked the largest Clang release since its introduction in 2008. The entire application, from A to Z, has been overhauled and rebuilt with the help of the latest techniques. In addition to a fresh new design, user-friendliness has been further improved to make it even easier for you to devise the most successful email campaigns possible. Carry on reading below to find out more about how Clang has changed.

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1. New look & feel

Based on inspiration from Material Design, all unnecessary shadows and gradients have been omitted. And a new set of icons has been drawn up. Every colour represents a certain action or category.

2. Greater productivity

Switching between profiles, emails and forms takes time. In Clang 3.0, we’ve tackled the workflow. You can now quickly toggle between the various sections of your campaign.

3. New Campaign Designer

The Campaign Designer has been fully redeveloped. It still has the same flexibility, but is now more user-friendly. An example is the ability to add notes while you construct and maintain the very best campaigns.

4. More user-friendly

A range of useful function have been developed as part of Clang 3.0, including the option to create your own quick links to frequently-used sections. Also handy when you want to share information with your colleagues or our support desk!

Smart Campaigns

Smart campaigns require a smart Campaign Designer. That’s why we’ve taken a critical look at its layout and functions. Fortunately, the Campaign Designer is still recognisable, but it has become much more user-friendly in terms of interaction.


Context menu

If you want to copy part of your campaign so that you can re-use it further along in the flow, simply select the objects. Using the context menu that appears, you can duplicate or delete the selection.



Do you often work within large, complicated campaigns? Now it’s possible to zoom in and out and navigate with ease, making it easy to keep track.

Campaign Designer

Quick toggle

A new menu is now displayed in your campaign. Here you’ll find all linked emails and forms. This means that you can briefly exit the Campaign Designer to modify content and toggle back just as easily.



You can now add notes to your object. This is useful when you need to inform your colleagues about specific campaign flows.

Objects Library
now even clearer

The Objects Library is a new addition to the Campaign Designer. Now you can easily drag objects to your grid from the Objects Library.


Thanks to a well-organised Objects Library, Campaign Objects are easy to find. All objects can be located according to category and every category has its own colour. Useful for helping you keep track.


The new Objects Library allows you to mark all your favourite objects as “Favourites”. They can then be found in a single location in the Objects Library, meaning that they’re within easy reach at all times.

Objects Library

Breath-taking Design

Clang 3.0 has a fresher and more modern look than ever before. The latest design trends have been thoroughly researched, while wireframes have been developed and every section compiled according to the new style guide.


Easy to read & Colourful

Open Sans is the new font used for Clang 3.0. It’s the one font that remains easy to read at all times, even when many elements are displayed on a single page. In terms of colour, Clang 3.0 uses a sharper blue, which gives it a more modern appearance. Finally, we’ve chosen colours that strongly contrast each other.


Unique Icons

A brand-new set of icons has been especially created for Clang. Every icon has been given its own colour, which represents a certain category or action. Red, for example, depicts the deletion of elements. Green represents the addition of elements. And yellow is used to focus the user’s attention on something.


Inviting Clicks

Buttons are there to be clicked. And to clearly demonstrate this, we’ve chosen bright blue as a colour along with large, eye-catching characters. There is always a major difference in contrast, an important element in the call-to-action. Light on a dark background and dark on a light background – always easy to read.


Filling in made Easy

It is important that forms are presented in the most functional way possible. This means that it should be easy to enter various elements. But it’s also important for error notifications to be presented in the right way. Users want immediate notification if further action is required. This has all been addressed in the new Clang release.


Stylish graphics

Minimalism is the magic word when it comes to graphics. They should be attractive, yet effective too. And all graphics should be easy to read at a single glance through the use of lots of contrast, thick lines and colours that highlight different elements. All graphics have been fully redesigned according to this point of departure. Minimalistic, attractive and – above all – functional!


Clear Tables

When it comes to tables, it’s important that the information is not too closely grouped. There should be enough room to allow quick and comprehensive reading. Besides the font, the colour is very important. Even more important than contrast. Tables in the new Clang are easy to read, even if there is little room for them and even if they contain lots of data.

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